below New Video of our 5 week old Puppy Screamin' Demon. ( TaZ.) Boy of course.

we will have lots of new videos of the dogs, in lure coursing, fast cat and obedience events. maybe even a surpize.. even keep posted!!! ya!!! 

Fox pictured below, and also with the pink, sign winning a major at 9 months old. 

Shiba Inu Dogs

 Champion Sheer Heaven's Chico RN
Born July 6th 2004, Sired by Sheer Heaven's Going To Vegas, Dam* Sheer Heaven's Mississippirun  Chico was a wonderful dog and he is greatly missed. Rest in Peace my great friend. 2017. 
Our Champion ( Below) Marma's Kenshen, ( COWBOY). is the father of most of our puppy's, He has a wonderful, friendly personality is friendly  with other dogs, loves to play fetch and combined with a beautiful red rich color and cleared on good, hips, eyes, and patellas through OFA. 
Sheer Heaven's Here Comes The Tasmanian Devil
Born, December 3, 2009   Sired by Sheer Heaven's Hot Rod * Dam Champion Falls Creek Remington.

 We offer lifetime support with all puppies, training, or re-homing. ect. A 2 year health guarantee hereditary defects, we would replace the puppy after it was returned. and a written contract on each puppy purchase, with our policy and spay and neuter agreement. We raise happy, healthy puppy's, that have been socialized and bred to be quality representations of the breed. 

UPDATE   8-4-2020
Puppy Buyer Waiting List Application 

Please fill out our waiting list form below, Upon approval you will be notified by phone, and directed  to put a $100 deposit threw pay pal, to reserve your future, puppy. ( email for paypal is ) ( Please  in the comment box below tell us what color and sex of puppy you are looking for and the most desired temperament, size. We will talk to you on the phone BEFORE YOU PLACE A DEPOSIT.!!

 I will call you after I have reviewed your application. All deposits are nonrefundable. Please review our list of questions we will want to know when we call you about the home of your future puppy. Thank you. Trish 

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:


8-4-2020 puppies are here/comming, Those of you on the waiting list, we now have 4 black and tans born, and Cinnamon our champion girl had 4 red puppies on Sunday. Photos are coming soon, the folks on the waiting list get first pick, there maybe some available depending on choices of color and sex. I will post the photos of the current puppy's today. latter this evening. they are beautiful . out of our new blk tan male out law. 

Older Videos. these puppys are sold.

 Enjoy the show. 
New video 6-4-2020  Sesame Seed and Fox Puppy,
Strawberry fox puppys, 2-18-2020

Pictured below, 

Top Row-  Cowboy or Champion Sire,   
2nd Row on your left, Cream Girl Jazz, Holds Champion titles, in Obedience, Lure Coursing, and Fast Cat. 
2nd Row, your right, Strawberry, ( Jazzes ) full sister, Both sired by Cowboy and Gypsy. _ Holdstitles in Lure Coursing, and Fast Cat, is in the top 15 for speed in the us, and has puppy's. !! doing 8 second runs at the 100 yard dash. what a girl, See there photos under the title Fast Cat Dogs. 
We offer lifetime support with all puppies, training, or rehoming. ect. I want to thank all the new customers who are spending time training there puppies in our training classes and doing a amazing job. Tricks, obedience, agility. Shiba's are a very fun and cute exciting dog to train. see our new training videos.

 Taz's Father****      Hot Rod

 Also has 2 legs in Rally novice and his top score was 97 out/100 points. He is retired now, and lives with bill free to roam 5 fenced in acres.. Thank you for giving my boy a great home. !!! :}}
His lovely playful personality would come out in the ring, he thought is was fun to play nip at my skirt when I would trot him out for the judge,,, he was fascinated I was wearing a dress.. Ha, ha. 

2018 We had a wonderful time, in The AKC sport of Lure coursing and Fast cat. Cowboy Daughters, Jazz( white) Strawberry( Red). Really enjoy this and were amazing girls. Easy to catch and so much fun. Then also Don't for get Rocket, ( black) He is by Taz our black male. Rocket is really Game and Loves the Chase. 
                                            Enjoy the pics below. 
Gypsy Cowboy Puppies 2018
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